Perisher Skitube

The Perisher Skitube is a rack-rail style train which was designed by Swiss engineers. The Skitube carries passengers from the bottom of Bullocks Flat up to Alpine Way via a small tunnel in the Ramshead Range up to the Perisher Resort. The first stop on the Perisher Skitube is at the underground station at Perisher Valley. The Perisher Skitube then continues up to the Blue Cow via another tunnel underneath the Perisher Range. There is free day parking and overnight parking available at Bullocks Flat Terminal Station, so you don’t have to worry about where you leave your vehicle. This station is also conveniently located below the regular snowfall level which means that you won’t need to fit your vehicle with snow chains or pay for the National Parks entrance fees.

The tunnel which the Perisher Skitube travels through is Australia’s longest transportation tunnel and at the deepest point is over 550 meters below ground! The Perisher Skitube is 6.3km long and has been in operation since its opening in 1987. To this day, the Perisher Skitube has carried over four million passengers in complete safety and comfort. The Perisher Skitube is by far the most efficient way to help guests travel around Perisher and experience everything it has to offer.

The Bullocks Flat Terminal is only twenty kilometers from the local town of Jindabyne, and because it’s below snowfall levels, it’ll be an easy drive. There are lots of scheduled departures, so don’t worry about missing the train. When you purchase a ticket to travel on the Skitube, it also includes the National Park fee. You can save some money by combining your Skitube ticket with a Lift Ticket, Equipment Bundle, or Snow Experience Tickets.

Despite parking being available at Perisher Valley, the spaces are limited and in high-demand. You can save a lot of hassles and headaches by parking at Bullocks Flat Skitube and take the convenient Skitube up to the snow instead! This is also a great way to avoid traveling over snow-covered roads and having to deal with the hassle of putting snow chains on your vehicle. The Bullocks Flat Skitube has a fully functional information desk that will allow you to obtain information on local services and activities. There is also a Lift Ticket Office, Snowsports School Office, Kiosks, Toilets, Souvenir Stores, and an Information Desk. There are plenty of friendly and professional staff on hand to help answer any questions or inquiries which you may have.

When you take advantage of everything the Perisher Skitube has to offer, you’re eliminating many of the hassles from your trip to the Perisher Mountain. Fewer hassles mean more time to enjoy everything this fantastic region has to offer! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions which you may have.

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