Snowy Mountains Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko National Park is home to the beautiful Snowy Mountains and the location of the famous Snowy River. It features some of the most picturesque locations in New South Wales and is the home of some of Australia’s most premiere alpine resorts. If you enjoy skiing and other winter sports, then you’re going to fall in love with the beautiful Snowy Mountains.

Kosciuszko National Park covers over 690,000ha of the scenic landscape which offers visitors a diverse look at one of Australia’s most famous national parks. Kosciuszko National Park is also home to the highest mountain in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko. Mount Kosciuszko stands tall at over 2,228 metres, with snow capped peaks reaching high into the heavens. Warm summer evenings, or cool brisk winter nights, it doesn’t matter what the season is, there’s always something beautiful to see in the Snowy Mountains.

The different aspects of the Snowy Mountains are what draws most visitors to this beautiful part of Australia. You have snow-covered peaks, small and unique pockets of wet, dark and remote temperate rainforest, and dry woodlands surrounding the lower regions. Snow gums, alpine ash, and mountain gums are just some of the amazing trees you’ll be able to experience when you visit the Snowy Mountains.

If you’re interested in the unique and wonderful native animals of Australia, the Snowy Mountains National Park area is home to rare species such as the small mountain pygmy-possum, corroboree frog, kangaroos, wallabies, and many more. Kosciuszko National Park has a very rich and important history for the Aboriginal people of Australia. Many locations within the Kosciuszko National Park area are important traditional homes for the Aboriginal people dating back for centuries.

If you would like to learn more about the Kosciuszko National Park and Snowy Mountains, why not come and visit for yourself? There’s no better experience than experiencing something for the first time. If you would like to ski the slopes in the Snowy Mountains or hike through one of its amazing tracks, then you just must do it! What are you waiting for? Visit the Snowy Mountains today! Book a cosy cabin with Altitude1260 in Crackenback to get started.

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