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Mountain Biking In The Snowy Mountains

By November 9, 2018Activities

The Snowy Mountains have been turning it on with some truly spectacular mountain biking trails!

If you’re into mountain biking and haven’t made a trip to the Snowy Mountains before, then you have been missing out. The Snowy Mountains has consistently delivered some of Australia’s most visited and sought-after mountain biking experiences. There are hundreds of kilometers of different mapped alpine trails to experience. From beginners to experienced riders, there is something for every rider in the beautiful Snowy Mountains.

From stunning alpine scenes, forested valleys, plains, and frozen mountain tops and ridges, the Snowy Mountains has it all. Before you leave, it’s important to choose somewhere to stay as the Snowy Mountains are popular all year round. Altitude1260 offers premium accommodation for couples, singles, and families.

There truly are dozens of trails in the Snowy Mountains. Your biggest problem is going to be which one to choose! Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular mountain bike trails in the Snowy Mountains:

Khancoban Mountain Bike Trails

1. Khancoban Mountain Bike Trails

There are some very challenging single tracks available but be prepared to put in the hard work. These rocky and steep tracks aren’t for beginners and offer experienced riders some great corners and tight switchbacks.

Lake Crackenback Mountain Bike Trails

2. Lake Crackenback Mountain Bike Trails

These mountain bike trails are open to everyone, just make sure that you register at the resort’s activity centre. They have tracks for beginners through to experienced riders, and their trails are well-maintained. They offer both shared tracks and fast single tracks.

Perisher Mountain Bike Trails

3. Perisher Mountain Bike Trails

Perisher offers trails across two fantastic mountains, but the trails aren’t graded so travel prepared for some rough and challenging mountain biking.

Thredbo Mountain Bike Trails

4. Thredbo Mountain Bike Trails

One of Australia’s fastest growing mountain biking hot spots. They have the spectacular 17 km Thredbo Valley Track which offers a great mix of different challenges to riders.

Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

5. Thredbo Mountain Bike Park

This is home to one of Australia’s most epic alpine riding centres. It offers a linked network of cross-country trails, super-fast pump track, skills park, and also qualified/experienced guides. A great place to test out your skills and see how good you really are!

The Snowy Mountains truly does have everything to offer mountain bike riders. When are you planning your next mountain bike adventure?

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